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If you are arrested and charged with petit larceny in Las Vegas then you are facing significant penalties and you should therefore consider hiring a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney.   Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer Paul J. Adras, Esq., and criminal defense attorney Las Vegas Steven M. Altig, Esq. have thorough knowledge and experience in petit larceny cases, and can represent you immediately if you have been charged with petit larceny.  In Las Vegas, if you are convicted of petit larceny then you are facing severe penalties.  The information below is designed to provide you with a summary of the implications of a conviction for petit larceny in Las Vegas.

1.    What constitutes petit larceny in Las Vegas and in Nevada?

In Las Vegas, and Nevada, the Nevada Revised Statutes criminalize petit larceny.  Petit larceny is made illegal and defined by Nevada Revised Statute 205.240.

Petit larceny (NRS 205.240) occurs when a person intentionally steals, takes, or carries away the personal property of another person and that property has a value of less than $650.00.  The law regarding petit larceny also criminalizes several other instances of conduct that include theft of hotel room property, real property, livestock, and even domesticated animals.  As can be seen, the main issue in petit is that the property taken must have a value of at least $650.00. 

2.    What are the penalties if I am convicted of petit larceny?

Petit larceny is a misdemeanor in Las Vegas and Nevada.  After a conviction a court can impose the following punishments (see NRS 193.150):

    a)    Up to 6 months in Jail;
    b)    Up to a $1,000.00 fine;
    c)    By both fine and jail;

Additionally, in lieu of all or part of the above punishments a court can impose a period of community service of not more than 200 hours.

3.    Are there any other significant legal issues involving petit larceny?

Yes, there are some other very significant legal issue involving petit larceny.   NRS 205.267 creates an additional punishment of mandatory community service if the petit larceny involves the property of a utility company.  Additionally, theft from a utility company is an enhanceable offense and the mandatory community service hours increase with the number of times a person has been convicted of the offense.

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