"Our Commitment to Excellence"
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"Our Commitment to Excellence"

Adras & Altig is committed to providing high-quality representation and personalized service.  Firm founders, Paul J. Adras and Steven M. Altig are passionate advocates and pragmatic problem solvers for their clients.  They pride themselves in providing high quality one-on-one attention and resolving client issues in a qualitative and expedient manner.  They believe their clients deserve personal attention.  Their approach to handling client issues is responsive, thoughtful, and ethical.

Adras & Altig is committed to understanding client issues and bringing value to each client's matter.  Taking a practical look at our client's problems, thoroughly explaining legal issues and exploring all available alternatives, ensures that our client's legal resources are used productively.  We place the highest value on collaboration and cooperation in order to provide our clients quality representation.  To that end, Adras & Altig assists clients achieve their goals by building relationships and developing a deep understanding of their legal issues.

"Our Commitment to Our Clients"

Our commitment to excellence starts with a commitment to our clients.  As such, our clients can expect the following commitments from our law firm:

Availability and Responsiveness:  We WILL be available to our clients and respond promptly to their questions and needs. They WILL receive a return telephone call by the close of business the same day when reasonably practical. 

Courtesy:  We WILL treat our clients with dignity and respect.  Our lawyers and staff WILL maintain the highest standard of customer service in our dealings and contacts with our clients.

Diligence:  We WILL handle our clients' matters without undue delay and do so through preparedness, thorough research, and zealous advocacy.

Professionalism:  We WILL conduct ourselves in a professional manner in our dealings with our clients and with others while working on our clients' matter.

Ethics:  We WILL handle our clients' matters with the utmost integrity and the highest regard for honor.

Results:  We WILL work efficiently, proactively, and without hesitation to get our clients the best possible outcome.

Talent and Expertise:  We WILL utilize our 27 years of combined legal experience and put all of our legal knowledge, legal resources, and experience in aggressive advocacy to work for our clients.

Practical Advice:  We WILL provide our clients with practical and real world advice.  We WILL provide our clients with meaningful legal counsel during all phases of their matters.

Proactive Approach:  We WILL be proactive, not reactive, in the way that we handle our clients' matters. 

You should choose Adras & Altig to handle your legal needs.  You can rely on us! We WILL make your experience with the legal system as stress free and worry free as possible.